You are in the right place.

To serve others in this way is one of the most fulfilling things you could ever do if you are feeling the pull. It’s hard not to honestly, it’s natural to share something that’s worked for you. And to partner with a company of such integrity within one of the largest natural health movements in the world- big things are bound to happen💖

Why doTERRA, why now?

As of late, so many are asking questions they haven’t had to ask before.
About how they can be more prepared + secure financially the next time our world shifts in the way did in 2020. 

Now, more than ever before, people are seeking a higher level of health, more time freedom, and the opportunity to impact our world positively.

doTERRA is a debt-free, multi-billion dollar wellness company that is privately owned (this is rare) and is not only the largest + more pure essential oil company in the world, but also the biggest direct selling company in the US.

The doTERRA movement is positively changing the world, one drop at a time and on both sides of the bottle . You may find it interesting to learn that being the largest essential oil company in the world, doTERRA is also the most transparent.
Check out Source to you. 

It never ceases to amaze me how something so life-changing can come from such humle beginnings- teaching a small group about the power of nature. A simple cycle of learning, applying + teaching on repeat. And this community grew and grew over the last 8 years, and continues to do so as that cycle is repeated. 

The model of your doTERRA biz is simple:
You succeed the more you help others succeed. 

3 things you will want to think about with an opportunity such as this one.

The Product: Is it amazing? Is it needed? Does it actually solve a problem? Do you use + love it? 

The People: What does the leadership look like and the integrity of the founders? 

The Pay: Is this a business that will truly create financial freedom for you and those you work with?

doTERRA checks all of the above boxes

but sometimes overlooked due to the model in which had to be used to share- network marketing/direct sales. If a product is stellar – it needs to move through people, or the reach of that product is limited. There was no other way!

Many are initially closed off…

For many what was missing in the past when being (constantly) approached, was that there was not a strong belief in what the product could solve for people.

This is so key because this what creates a lasting business model that works through people. The product has to change lives – it can’t be hype.

The Pathway.

1. You use and love your oils + spend time learning about them. Learn to be first an advocate for yourself and your family.

2. Then you will begin sharing with others your experiences and what this could look like for them.

We’ll connect you to the tools + community to support you as you grow … this is the BEST part!

I can confidently say, you will have access to everything you need to build this business confidently.
You just need to show up for the work.

How you will share the oils. 

One of our best practices is to sample people before they come to learn from you at a class that we teach you about in our Begin program. 

We teach Intro to Oils Classes every week that you can invite your customers to. We teach, You earn the commission!

You can share + teach in so many ways:

-Person to person (ie one on one or class)

-Social media, your blog or website

-Online classes (ie zoom or Facebook)

-Free or paid coaching/consulting(ie health coach or practitioner)

With consistent action, many great things will grow. But we have to first plant, water, and wait for the harvest. Patience and persistence are necessary!

There is something truly amazing that happens in the process. You also grow as you are pouring into others. If God has called you to this, He is going to do amazing things in and through you. We can’t wait for you to join us! 

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